15th Freedom Colloquy

The participants, at UFM´s Agora

The 15th Freedom Colloquy was celebrated with the participation of professors, executives and friends of the Francisco Marroquín University, celebrated under the conduction of Fernando Monterroso V. from March 24th to 25th of 2006.

The Freedom Colloquies are part of a series that are celebrated at the UFM to discuss academic subjects.  The first one was held on December 2003 and the series is part of an integral program of the UFM´s Presidency that includes the Socratic Dialogues, Colloquies with school directors and the series Eploring Freedom, inaugurated on December 2005.  The 14th Freedom Colloquy was celebrated last January 2006.  The Freedom Colloquies are conducted by Fernando Monterroso V., who is UFM´s fiduciary, was the UFM´s president from 1988 until 2003 and currently teaches the Economic Process.

In this occasion the participants were Federico Alfaro, Dean of the School of Medicine; Juan Callejas and Christian Alvarez, from the Henry Hazlitt Center, Maite Aguilar, from TiposGraficart; Rossana Pappa, ex-director of the Institute of Political studies and International Relations, and Olmedo Vásquez from that academic unit; Luis Pedro Alvarez, from Law School; Roxana Valls, from the Popol Vuh Museum; Ana María Sosa, from de Development Department and Alfredo Molina from the Advanced Technologies Department.

Around the themes of the social cooperation logics, the following books and subjects were discussed:  De Robinson Crusoe a Viernes, by Manuel F. Ayau; La Sociedad Humana and the Intercambio en la Sociedad, The Division of Labor and The Gains from Trade by Ludwig von Mises; The Prisoner´s Dilemma, Telling Hawks from Doves, by Matt Ridle; and Associations in Civil Life, by Alexis de Tocqueville and The Law, by Federic Bastiat.

As complimentary readings the participants had:  Apuntes de Economía y Política, Análisis Económico de las decisiones públicas; a publication of the Public Decisions Analysis Center (Cadep), Vol. 1, No.7.  May/June 2002; and No.8 July/August 2002.

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