UFM the Conocer Fair

Part of the UFM team at Conocer

Students and administrative personnel of the Francisco Marroquín University participated at the Conocer Fair, organized by the Rotary Club, so that senior high school students have the opportunity to obtain information on careers and universities of their choice.

UFM’s participation at Conocer  was coordinated by Rossana de Grazioso, Admissions director of this house of studies; and its objective was not only to show UFM’s career options, but to explain the UFM’s mission, that is to teach and diffuse the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons; as its commitment with excellence.

At the UFM, academic excellence is the quality of ideas, principles and acts of those who, as professors or teachers, are habitually above the plain material and routine fulfillment of their duties, making before all a living example of a coherent life.  Excellence understood this way is only possible in a frame of liberty, competition and respect.

At the Conocer Fair, students from several schools, public and private institutes, as well as educational and commercial organizations attend.

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