Exhibition about Vaclav Havel, at the UFM

Vaclav Havel, ex President of the Czech Republic

The photographic exhibition Vaclav Havel in the metamorphosis of Europe, was inaugurated at the Liberty Plaza, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, last July 17th of 2007.

Havel reached his fame as a poet; he was against the Soviet invasion of
Czechoslovakia, in 1968 reason why his works were prohibited.  He was persecuted and jailed for defending individual rights. 

After the fall of the communist regime he was elected president of Czechoslovakia, position that was confirmed during the elections of

In 1992, when the
Czech Republic and the
Republic of Slovakia separated, Havel resigned as President and the following year he was chosen president of the Czech Republic. 

His Prime minister, between 1992 and 1998, was
[070723_vaclav.jpg Vaclav Klaus], doctor honoris cause by the University Francisco Marroquín (1993) and one of the most shining economists within the European Union, of which he is a skeptic.  
In that period, a successful transition from a controlled economy towards open markets was obtained, as indicated by the then UFMs General Secretary, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., said in Klaus investing ceremony.

The exhibition was organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic, in Mexico; the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic, in Guatemala; and by the Ministry of Foreing Relations of Guatemala.

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