A book and a flower, in Cervantes Aniversary

View of last years edition of A book and a flower

A book and a flower, at the Cervantes Aniversary, in its second edition, will be celebrated on Friday April 21st 2006 at the Cultural Center of the Francisco Marroquín University.
The event is based on the lecture of Don Quixote de La Mancha and is for teenagers of 9th and 10th grades.  In it, the students will assist to a lecture related to the story of that book, given by PhD. Amable Sánchez Torres, and they will participate in reading, clay modeling and kite making workshops. 

A book and a flower complements with Sawdust Rugs, an activity focused on Guatemalan costumes, in which Amelia Lau, author of the book Sawdust Rugs, will participate.  This book tells the story of a Chinese Guatemalan family during the Easter Week at La Antigua Guatemala.

Both events main goal is to promote the reading habits in students through cultural, playful and educational activities, therefore a book fair will also be present, in which editors like Norma, Santillana, Piedra Santa, Artemis Edinter, Fondo de Cultura Económica, ETC Ediciones and Time Life will be present.

For the activities several invitations were sent to educational centers in Guatemala City.  Among the confirmed participating schools are Colegio Americano de Guatemala, International Montessori, Guatemalteco Bilingüe, Alejandro von Humbolt, Colegio Alemán, Príncipe de Asturias, Inglés Americano and Evelyn Rogers.  Ten schools are programmed for each day of the event, as well as a maximum of 600 students and teachers are expected.

Workshops on reading stimulation and the importance of illustrating in the formation of the reading habit will be given to teachers.  There will also be workshop for children books illustrations given to designers, illustrators and general public, held from April  19th to 21st.

For more information, you can call Ana Lucía Ortíz or Pierina Piedra Santa Abud to the telephone 2338-7873, at the Development Department of the Francisco Marroquín University.




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