Angélica Rocha at APEE´s contest

 Angélica Rocha Art History student

Angelica Rocha, Art History student from the Education Department at the Francisco Marroquín University, obtained a Honorary Mention in the essay constest sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation and promoted by The Association of Private Enterprise Education.

Rocha, who is also a systems engineer, wrote an essay titled What causes prosperity?   (
pdf ), in which she questions, «What does an Art History student knows, in Guatemala, about the causes of prosperity? Enough to observe that when teaching people the benefits of living in a market economy – where the laws and institutions protect the people and their property, where investments and sacrifices done today will be compensated tomorrow by means of the elimination of obstacles created by governments and, where specialization is allowed and supported- that puts countries on their way to the prosperity».

The First prize, in the
contest, was for Pragna Halder, of the Wesleyan College; the Second was for Mathew Baker, from Bob Jones University; and the Third prize was for Dilyana Dolcheva, from the University of Richmond.

There were also honorary mentions for Kyle Ryan, from Washington State University; Kathryn Sandstorm, from the Townson University; Joel Sawyer, from the Houghton College; and Evangeline Wangdang, from the Cagayan State University-Craig Campus, in addition to UFM´s Angelica Rocha mention.



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