AOS judges at the UFM

Nina Rach, Janet Saman, Jeff and Patricia Harding, and Sylvia de Palmieri

As part of their activities during the XXXI National Orchid Exposition, organized by the Guatemalan Orchid Association, the group of judges that came to the exhibition visited the Francisco Marroquín University.

Nina Rach, Patricia Harding, Janet Saman and Jeff Harding, judges of the
AOS, did it last Friday May 26th 2006.  During the visit, they were received by Ricardo Casillo A., UFM’s General Secretary, who, with the support of Ana Lucía Ortíz, showed the judges the UFM’s
arboretum and other activities related with the conservation of the Montano Forest located in this house of studies.

This group was accompanied by Sylvia de Palmieri, member of the AGO, and they had the opportunity to walk through the UFM’s Campus and observe some of the orchids and birds that live here.

On Thursday 25th in the afternoon, judges Bob Fuchs, Nina Rach and Patricia Harding visited the UFM to lecture a series of conferences attended by students and professors from the school Ciudad Vieja, members of the AGO, UFM students and professors and general public.

Aligned with the UFM’s mission that is, «to teach and diffuse the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons», for the UFM directives the conservation of the Campus environment answers to the idea that «the environment quality is not a matter of laws and regulations.  It is a matter of managing the resources on the basis of property rights, private enterprise and willful activities».

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