Architecture of light, presented Gómez-Pimienta

Roberto Quevedo and Bernardo Gómez Pimienta at the UFM campus

Recognized by Time Magazine as the most important Mexican architect of his generation, the director of the Architecture school of Universidad Anáhuac, and author of more than 100 projects in his country and abroad, Bernardo Gómez Pimienta visited the Universidad Francisco Marroquín to lecture a conference titled The Architecture of light, and to gather with faculty and students.

The conference was held at the Milton Friedman Auditorium of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín on August 21st 2006.  During his stay in this house of studies, Gomez Pimienta met with UFM’s President Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. and Roberto Quevedo, dean of the UFM’s Architecture School, as well as faculty and architecture students.

Besides directing the School of Architecture of Universidad Anáhuac, Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta directs the BGP Arquitectura since 2003.  He also coordinated Ten Architects and Visual International.

He is member of the Design council at Helvex in Mexico and Counselor of the School of Architects in that country.  He has been vicepresident of International Affairs of the Mexican Architecture School; and is also an honorary member of the Olga and Rufino Tamayo Foundation.

In 2007 he received the Prix d’Excellence d’Architecture, from the Ordre des Architectes du Quebec, Canada, and has received numerous awards for his work.  He has been an honorary professor and guest in several universities all over the world.

In his visit at the UFM, architect Gómez-Pimienta visited the Museo Popol Vuh of this university, the Ludwig von Mises Library and the New Media Digital Resources Center.

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