Archuitecture and liberty, at colloquy

Marta Letona, Willy Pemüller, Augusto De León, Armando de la Torre and Warren Orbaugh, during the colloquy

To Exchange ideas about the fundamental differences between liberal and socialist ideas, in the architectural field, a group of professors of the Francisco Marroquín University celebrated a colloquy last Friday, March 24th of 2006.

During the same one, they discussed the possibility of making architecture in a system in which there is no property, no individuality and you aim to return to the past.  They talked about the Letter of Athensand the International Congresses of Modern Architecture.  They commented their influence on current urbanism politics and the plans of territorial order, among other topics.

The colloquy was lead by the architect Warren Orbaugh; and the participants were Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., UFM´s President, Ernesto Porras, Dean of the Architecture School; and the architects Adolfo Lau, Augusto De León, Marta Letona, Willy Pemümer, Enrique Ramírez, Peter Gieseman, Víctor Cohen, Carlos Rigalt, William Stewart, Ingrid de Godo and Julián González.  Also the teachers Armando de la Torre, Julio César De León Barbero, José Antonio Romero, Raúl Torres and Luis Figueroa.

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