Are we ready for an earthquake?

Héctor Monzón speaking to the audience

To the question, after 30 years of the 1976 earthquake, are the Guatemalans prepared to face an earthquake?, the expert, Héctor Monzón, said «the answer is not optimistic and that depends not only on the agency A, or agency B, but of all of us».

During his explanation and, in terms of earthquake shocks, Monzón spoke about where we are prepared and what the future will bring us; also of how it is that certain seismic risks have been autocontrolled and how some remain latent by ignorance. Also of the new risks that have appeared, due to ignorance. «The risk is controlable, but with determination», he assured.  His entire conference can be seen,

Héctor Monzón is a civil engineer with studies in the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and Stanford University.  He is member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Academy of Sciences of Guatemala, among other cientific organizations.  He has worked in projects like Tikal Futura,  BANEX, Tower II of the Centro Gerencial Las Margaritas, UFM´s Liberty Plaza and the Intercontinental Hotel.

The conference, organized by the UFM´s
map library, was celebrated last February 8th of 2006, in the Auditorium Friedrich A. Hayek of this house of studies.

«The UFM´s map library is integrated mainly by two map collections: José Cecilio del Valle, the founding father of cental america; and maps from the collector Carlos Elmenhorst, who donated a series of maps of Mesoamérica, and books about history and trips to the region», Jens Bornholt explained, curator of the same one.

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