Award for Ricardo Rojas

Ricardo Rojas, in a class at the UFM. Guatemala, May 3rd 2006

The book Los derechos fundamentales y el orden jurídico e institucional de Cuba, written by the Argentinean judge Ricardo Rojas, made him winner of the International Award Sir Anthony Fischer to the Friedrich A. von Hayek Foundation in Argentina.

In his book, Rojas analyzed certain aspects of the Cuban public order through the study of its institutional and legal organization, concluding that from its fundamental institutions the content of its laws and the interpretation the judicial organisms give, the Cuban regimen is organized on the base that power supremacy of the State is on top of basic human rights, and frequently trespasses them in name of the states interests.

Ricardo Rojas presented his book at the Francisco Marroquín University in August 2005; and the presentation can be seen
here.  Like wise, the UFMs Institute of Political Studies and International Relations organized a convsersatorium  on the same subject, last October.   Please click
here  to download the complete book in PDF.

On April 21st 2006, the Atlas of Economic Research Foundation announced the winners of the Anthony Fisher awards, given to books published by public politics independent research institutes.

In the Young Institute category (organizations less than five years old) the Friedrich A. von Hayek foundation received an award for the book Los derechos fundamentales y el orden jurídico e institucional de Cuba, written by Ricardo Rojas, and published during 2005 with the collaboration of Cadal and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Ricardo Rojas was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is an attorney; dedicated since his youth to de judicial career which he started in 1978.  He was a secretary at the Nations Supreme Court of Justice between 1986 and 1993, since then he is a Judge in a criminal court in the city of Buenos Aires.

He has been professor of classes related to economic analysis, law philosophy and constitutional law in several Argentine Universities like Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Universidad del Salvador, the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino and the Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas.  Currently he is a masters professor in law and economics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and of economics and political sciences at ESEADE.

Other winning institutes were:  The Independent Institute of California; Scientific Research Mises Center of Bielorussia and the Maxim Institute of New Zeland.  This year, they nominated more than 70 institutes in 30 different countries.

For his defense and dedication to liberty, Anthony Fisher was named Gentleman by Queen Elizabeth II in 1988.  Just a few weeks later, Sir Anthony died.

In 1990 the Atlas Economic Research Foundation established the International Sir Anthony Fisher Award to commemorate his ideals and achievements.  The annual program awards outstanding publications produced by independent public policies research institutes.

A panel of distinguished judges selects the publications (from the last years) destined to be great contributions to the public understanding of a free society.  The winning organizations receive financial awards for their budgets.  Likewise, the awards are publicly announced during an Atlas workshop.  Separate awards are also handed to young institutions (up to five years) and to distinguished institutions (more than five years), informed the Foundation.





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