Awards handed at the School of Architecture

Dean, Roberto Quevedo and Fernando González, winner of the Rosales Award, at the UFM.

Fernando González, student of Fifth year of Architecture, at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, became creditor of the Prize Miguel Angel Rosales Izás corresponding to 2007; and in September of this year he will personally receive the prize from architect Rosales, announced the Dean of the UFM’s School of Architecture, Roberto Quevedo.  

The award consists of US0 and was instituted by Miguel Angel Rosales Izás,
, to be given to the best student of architecture annually than has a finished pensum in the faculty of that specialty, in Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

The award to the best design projects corresponding to 2006 was announced last February 8th of 2007, in an act where professors, students and guests of the School of Architecture of Universidad Francisco Marroquín participated. 

Architect Rosales is responsible for the
architectonic design of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge that crosses the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts, recognized as the widest bridge in the world. The bridge, in addition, is being constituted as a Bostonian icon, in the same way in which the Golden Gate Bridge distinguishes the city of San Francisco, California.

The winners of other given prizes that day were: Ana Lucia Pivaral, freshman student, for her Fashion School; Omar Portillo, of Second year, for his minimalist House; and Pedro Valls, of Third year, by his Library.  Others awarded were Stephan Secaria, for his Apartment Building; Douglas Guerrero, for his Apartments in The Mariscal; and an honorary mention was given to Douglas Guerrero and his team for the Interchange with the University of Michigan.

In each category, the nominees were: Ana Lucía Pivaral, Ruby Cole, Paul Goepfert, Enrique Claverie, Sofía Saravia, Omar Portillo, Rodrigo Bollat, Marcela Luna, Ignacio Bastarrechea, Andrea Batres, José Fernando Chang, Katia Montenegro, María Isabel Flores y Pedro Valls.  Also María Alejandra García, Jaime Porres, Stephan Secaira, Gouglas Guerrero, Elsa Grajeda, Cristo Cabrera, Adriana Palmieri, Irene Marcucci, Andrea Monroy, José Alfredo Méndez, Alvaro Herrera, Andrea Rivas, Luis Pedro Spillari, Alvaro Robles, Andrés Jiménez, Ricky Titus, Lilian Cáceres and Fernando González.

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