Axel Paredes gave a conference at Harvard

View of a proposal by Axel Paredes

Architect Axel Paredes, alumni from Universidad Francisco Marroquín and professor at this house of studies, is currently at the Massachussets Institute of Technology and he gave a lecture at Harvard University in Talk20, an intellectual event where the participants discuss their work and interests.

Talk20 is an event where 10 or more architects, writers, designers, artists, programmers and makers discuss their current work and fascinations.  The events atmosphere is designed to stimulate thinking, debate and to widen the knowledge horizons.

«My presentation was focused on the work Im developing at MIT, from designing Museums in New York and Boston, the use of particle and densities from celular tissue and other materials, to recent experiments for precipices in Guatemala City.  In the last one I am exploring the potential that can be created between technology and local culture through an ecologic research project for Guatemala locating it in the precipices that influence our city.  As a matter of fact, one of them is the UFM Campus», Paredes explained.

«Working with different analog and digital experiments, the objective is to propose an architecture that uses local systems or materials but that goes far beyond the conventional vernacular language. Through several structural systems that allow the generation of complex forms, several of these studies were analyzed regarding their adaptability to curves, permeability, structural and esthetic demands, and making them feasible to the natural landscape», he concluded.

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