Ayau spoke about interchange

Manuel F. Ayau at the podium in the UFM’s Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium.

«If we lived in society it is because we can interchange; because, which would be the option? That we all produced, by ourselves, what we needed», said Manuel F. Ayau, president emeritus of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, during a conference he lectured last February 1st of 2007.

The lecture was on interchange and the participating audience was integrated by students of Economic Process I, from the Schools of Architecture, Law and Dentistry, as well as from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations.  It was organized by the Henry Hazlitt Center, whose mission is the planning, execution and control of all the courses related to philosophy and the economic process, that they impart inside and outside the University. Throughout the year it organizes a series of lectures and conferences, lectured by national and foreign professionals, who have excelled by their ideas and achievements, and share with us the restlessness to form people with solid ethical principles, eager to conquer excellence in all the manifestations of their lives.

Interested in the causes of under development, Manuel F. Ayau undertook the study of Economy and Law.  On 1957 he founded the Centro de Estudios Económico Sociales (Social Economic Studies Center).  He was founder of Universidad Francisco Marroquín and President of the same one from 1972 to 1988.  He has participated in the international academic world as quality member and director of the Mont Pelerin Society, where he was President in 1978-80; fiduciary of the Foundation for Economic Education and director of the Liberty Fund since 1978.  He is author of several books and many articles published in newspapers and national and foreign magazines.  His most recent book is A game that does not sum zero and he also wrote The Economic Process, the textbook of the course the attending students are receiving.

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