Benegas Lynch at the UFM

Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), in front of the UFM’s Academic Building

Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), one of the first professors of the Francisco Marroquín University and author of great books like Fundamentos de análisis económico, is at the UFM to teach for one semester.

Ph.D. Benegas Lynch will teach at the Economic Sciences School and at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations.  And he has joined other academic activities.

During his first day at the UFM, Benegas Lynch got up to date on the work done at the
New Media Digital Resources Center and visited the Academic Building with its Socratic Wing, the Ludwig von Mises Library and the special book collection
José Cecilio del Valle.  He also met with the UFM’s President Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., and the UFM’s President emeritus, Manuel F. Ayau; and Grete Pasch, director of the Library.  Benegas participated in the weekly session of the Social Economic Studies Center (

The visiting professor has two Ph.D. one in Economics and the other in Direction Sciences.  He is President of the Economic Sciences Section at the National Science Academy; and he is also member of the National Economic Sciences Academy, both in Argentina.

Benegas Lynch is author of fifteen books and four more on its way.  He is professor at the Buenos Aires University where he taught at the Economics, Engineering, Law, Sociology and History Schools.  He was Director of the Doctorates Department at the Economic Sciences School of La Plata National University and, during 23 years, he was Dean of the Economic and Business Administration Superior School in Argentina, where he is Professor emeritus.

He was assessor at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Argentinas Chamber of Commerce, the Rural Argentine Society and the Interamerican Production and Chamber Council.  In two opportunities he was member of the Mont Pelerein Directors Council and has gotten honorific degrees from universities in Argentina and abroad.  Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), received a UFM honoris causa doctorate degree in 1979.

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