Biotechnology at Nutrition School

Mario Fuentes during the workshop

To show the development of stable culture with high nutritional value, using conventional methods of genetic manipulation, the Nutrition School of the Francisco Marroquín University organized the workshop called Biofortification of nutritional culture: challenges and perspectives, , lectured by the engineer Mario Fuentes.

During the same one, they talked of the application of modern biotechnology to improve the concentrations of provitamin A, iron and zinc, which produces positive effects on human nutrition.  All of this is supported by nutritional studies, trough germoplasm interchange informed Leticia Almengor, director of the Nutrition Lab.

Mario Fuentes is an agronomy engineer, and is in charge of the research department of the Institute of Science and Agricultural Technologies (ICTA), and professor at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

At the workshop students of the UFM’s Nutrition School participated.  It was held on April 18th 2006.

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