Center IK said good bye to consul of Israel

Dorit Nahum and Estuardo Rodriguez, director of Center IK, the UFM

The Center Ibn Khaldun of the University Francisco Marroquín offered a meeting of goodbye to the consul of Israel Dorit Nahum, Monday 1 of August of 2005.

Nahum was an enthusiastic collaborator in the formation of Center IK and supported the actual conferences with ambassador Yaakov Paran, as well as the cycle of conferences for the students of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations and those of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, as well as the EXPO Israel, said to Estuardo Rodriguez, director of the Center Ibn Khandun.

The goodbye meeting they attended authorities of the UFM, members of Center IK, professors and students of the University, the ambassador of Israel and other civil employees of the diplomatic representation.

The Center Ibn Khaldun offers a space of academic activities for the analysis of the relation of the Western World and the Islamismo. In the Center the information arrives at the students, academic and people interested in the subject. It provides with access to a tool that complements its knowledge to them and it maintains them updated in the main related discussions. It has a perspective oriented to the spreading of the events, publications, and history of the last events of that region.

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