Christopher Manion, at the UFM

Christopher Manion, Mary Carolyn Manion and Theresa Manion at the Popol Vuh Museum

Accompanied by his family, Christopher Manion visited the Francisco Marroquín University las Wednesday February 8 of 2006.

Manion participated in the founding committee of fiduciaries of this house of studies, he lives in the United States and came in company of his wife Theresa and his daughter Mary Carolyn.  He met with UFM´s president emeritus, Manuel F. Ayau and with other authorities and professors of the University.

During 6 years, Manion served in the Committee of Externarl Relations of the United States Senate, that was directed by senator Jesse Helms. A consumed musitian, he played in restaurants while studying at Graduate School of Business of the Universtity of Chicago and in Notre Dame University, where he obtained a Ph.D. in Government. 

He has been professor in several universities and during his stay in Capitol Hill he helped to found the group of satire politics The Capitol Steps. He has been an editor and music critic of  the Saturday Review and the magazine High Fidelity.   His publishing columns and book reviews are published frequently in The Wall Street Journal.    




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