Cohen and Cachanosky presented the MAPI

Architect Víctor Cohen, during the MAPI prestentation, at the UFM

Víctor Cohen, director of the Master degree in Real Estate Project Administrations; and Juan Carlos Cachanosky, dean of the Business School at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, presented last November 16th 2006 the mentioned degree.

Arturo Rivera, alumni from the first promotion of MAPI also gave a speech during the presentation.

MAPI is a two year program with an architectural, economic, financial, administrative and legal approach.  It has the theoretical and practical components, with a cast of international professors and successful business.  It is offered by the Architecture School and the Business School conjointly.

The master degree seeks to help the entrepreneurs and developers to pass from the idea to the development of a feasible and efficient real estate project.

It answers questions like What should I know to distinguish the given opportunities and to take the maximum advantages and possibilities from a property? What financial instruments are available to develop a project? What should I know to correctly interpret the financial reports? I have experience in designing and building, but, do I really know how to evaluate a project?  I know how the capital market works, but how is it financed? I understand why a specific project is not feasible and how the macroeconomic environment can contribute to make a positive evaluation.  What should I know to promote business to assess others in the legal and financial fields? What instruments and dispositions should I know to execute successfully a real estate project?

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