Comerce was the theme on Exploring Freedom

The group that visited the UFM’s campus with Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., UFM’s President

Trade was the topic of the XVIII colloquy Exploring Freedom, organized by the Francisco Marroquín University and the Liberty Fund.  It was held from April 27 to April 29 of 2006.

During the same one, the discussed topics were free trade, protectionism, free trade and globalization, welfare, corporations and finances and culture.

The participants in the colloquy were:  Marta Altolaguirre, Fernando Monterroso and Pedro Trujillo from the UFM; Roberto Durán from Chile; Walter Puelles and José Luis Tapia, from Peru; Carlos Gervasoni, from the United States of America; Manuel Sánchez, from México; Ernesto Güeller, Julio Burdman and Constanza Mazzina, from Argentina; Alejandro Alle, from El Salvador; Daniel Chacón and Blasco Peñaherrera, from Ecuador; and Andrés Mejilla, from Colombia.  The colloquy was lead by Fritz Thomas, ex dean of the UFM´s Economic Sciences School and the observers were Manuel F. Ayau; Gisela Castillo; and Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., president of this house of studies.

The series
  is part of a program from the presidents office and the
Liberty Fund, that promote the Socratic dialogues and exchanging ideas in a free environment.  On Friday 28th, some participants made a visit to the UFM campus. During their visit they witnessed a drums activity, from the Excellence Center, of this university.

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Epidendrum ciliare adornan el campus


Consecuencias no intencionadas del estatismo, en Xela


Nieve en el campus de Madrid