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The conference The success keys in El Salvador, that the ex-president Francisco Flores imparted at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín as part of the IV Intercollegiate Economics for Politics Seminar, organized by the Public Choice Analysis Center, was included as a link in

In this speed in the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala, Francisco Flores, the ex-president of El Salvador explains what he considers were the success factors of the economic transformation that his country has achieved, says the website of the
Cato Institute  in Washington D.C.

During his
, last March 23rd 2006, Flores made reference to the political environment in his country during the war and after it; environment in which the political party Alianza Republicana Nacionalista  was formed, who later took him to power and has remained in the government for four consecutive constitutional periods.

The IV Intercollegiate Seminar was centered on the question: How are decisions taken inside the government apparatus? Or, said in another way, how is public policy designed and executed?  The participant universities at the Seminar were Francisco Marroquín University, Galileo, Mesoamericana, Mariano Gálvez, Itsmo, Panamericana, Rafael Landívar, Rural, San Carlos de Guatemala and Del Valle.

The Public Choice analysis is the object of study at the
CADEP(Public Decision Analysis Center), using a method based on the actions of people who take decisions.  It is interested in costs and social benefits of the different public policies.  It also explores the impact it has on institutions, formal and informal rules that prevail on agencies and government agencies on the decision taking process.  From these analysis some recommendations and lessons emerge that differ with the traditional views and can contribute to improve the efficiency, quality, efficacy, legitimacy and durability of the public politics on democratic regimens.




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