Conservation experts work at the José Cecilio Del Valle rare book collection

Cara Johnston and Tish Brewer while observing some books

During tour weeks, since last May 26th, Tish Brewer and Cara Johnston, experts from the Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Recrod, from the University of Texas, will work in the preservation and conservation of the volumes in the José Cecilio Del Valle book collection, at the Ludwig von Mises Library, kept in the rare collections room of the Francisco Marroquin University.

The first thing we are going to do is a book inspection in the collection to see how many need to be repaired and, if we can do all the repairing during the time we will be here.  We will repair the books we can while we are here, and an estimate in time and cost of the remaining ones.

We will work in an adjacent room to the Special Collections Room.  We will also unfold the maps that are folded and store them correctly.

Additionally, we will give maintenance to the shelves and book supports.  We’ll take pictures and make some cradles for those books that cannot be fully opened, so they wont get damaged when they are consulted, the experts explained.

The José Cecilio Del Valle Special Collection has the personal library of the Central American founding father; an important section of the UFM’s map collection; a book collection of Mesoamerican travelers donated by Carlos Elmenhorst; and the personal library of the economist William Hutt; among others.

Brewer and Johnston will work with
, from the University of Texas.  Metzger knows the UFMs special collections and has given the library staff workshops.

Tish Brewer is candidate to a Master of Science in Library and Information Science; and a Certificate of Advanced Studies at the University of Texas, in Austin.  She has taught at the School of Information, of UT, at the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos and the Institute of Classical Archaeology of UT, in Sebastopol, Ucrania.  She also did conservation work in 12th Street Books.

Cara Johnston is candidate for a Master of Science in Library and Information Science; and a Certificate of Advanced Studies at the Unviersity of Texas, in Austin.  In UT she is Benson Latin American Collection Student Technician, where she has been involved in decisions on circulating books that need to be repaired; and has done such repairs, as book covers.  She also gives assessment in preservation techniques.

Brewer and Johnston, before integrating the Ludwig von Mises Library team, visited the UFMs President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., accompanied by Grete Pasch, director of the Library.  Then they walked through the UFM campus.

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