David Hume Ethics Center at the Perspectives Forum

Liliana de Syrowicz, Eduardo Palacios, Byron Rabé, Roberto Blum and Alvaro Pop

Roberto Blum, director of the David Hume Ethic’s Center of the Francisco Marroquín University, participated at the Perspectives Forum titled Values and Antivalues,  celebrated last June 6th 2006 at the Paraninfo Universitario of the San Carlos de Guatemala University.

The forum’s main goal was to give ideas in order to understand the reasons of Guatemalans daily living.

The other participants, besides Blum, were Alvaro Pop, from Naleb Organization; Liliana de Syrowicz, Psychologist, and Eduardo Palacios, from the Permanent Value Program, of the Mariano Gálvez University.  The moderator was Byron Rabé, from the San Carlos University.

Perspectives, is organized by the news paper Prensa Libre and the Universities Francisco Marroquín, Mariano Gálvez, Rafael Landívar and San Carlos de Guatemala; and it is part of
  of forums that, throughout the year, analyze Guatemalan current topics.

The UFMs David Hume Ethics Center, was conceived as a Socratic forum on the human experience and is dedicated to the study of ethics evolution.  It was
  on January 2006 with a forum about David Hume, his work and relevance in the 21st Century.

The Center looks forward to provide an open and permanent space to reflect and discuss on human experience, ethical values and ethics in a society of free and responsible persons; to diffuse the ethical principles of a society of free and responsible persons; to be an electronic document source, in Spanish, on ethics, economics and social cooperation.  Its activities are possible thanks to a donation of doctor Ray Dawson, ex professor at the Columbia University and friend of the Francisco Marroquín University.

A first report of the activity was published on Prensa Libre last
June 7th; the full report was published last
June 11th 2006.

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