David Prado at anti-rotavirus vaccine presentation

David Prado and Kirk Thame, during the presentation in Jamaica
foto por Ricardo Makyn / Jamaica Gleaner

Doctor David Prado, professor of clinical microbiology at the Nutrition School of the Francisco Marroquín University, participated in the presentation of a vaccine against rotavirus, celebrated in Kingston, Jamaica, last February 20th of 2006.

Rotarix, the new vaccine, was presented by Glaxo Smithklein; and, in the act also participated doctor Kirk Thame, pediatric gastroenterologist and consulting pediatrician in the University Hospital of the West Indies.

According to Prado, the vaccine protects for ever, because it constructs, in those that receive it, a natural resistance against gastroenteritis.

The newspaper Jamaica Gleaner   informed of the presentation in which Prado and Thame participated, in its edition on February 21st. The Caymanian Compass also informed in its edition of the same day.

Doctor Prado, together with doctor Jorge Tulio Rodriguez, director of the UFM´s Nutritioin School,  publisher of the book Microbiología, lo escencial y lo práctico, that was recently  accepted as text book for all the medicine and health sciences schools, libraries and faculties in Latin America, by the Pan-American Health Organization.




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