David Schmidtz published Elements of Justice

The book was published by the Cambridge University Press

Professor David Schmidtz Publisher the book Elements of Justice where he raises the issue of What is justice? and explains the relation it has with Who’s what but, in practice, it depends on the context.

«Depending on the context, the formal question of Who’s what? is answered by reciprocity, equity or need principles.  Justice, then, is a constellation of elements that exhibit a degree of integration and unity; but integration of justice is limited by its relation with the environments integrity.  A theory of justice is a map of that environment», says de book.

In his book, Schmidtz acknowledges Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. and Manuel F. Ayau, President and President emeritus of the Francisco Marroquín University for the series of conferences he gave in this house of studies during his two week visit on October 2004.

Some of these conferences were  Elements of Justice; Teaching the Philosophy of Freedom; and Nozic on Rawls.

Professor Schmidtz, Ph.D. from the Arizona University taught at the Yale University between 1988 and 1994; and at the Bowling Green University between 1994 and 1995.  Then he went back to Arizona where he teaches Philosophy and Economics.  He specializes in moral and social philosophy.  

His courses explore the purpose of moral theory, or why should we be moral? Philosophy of Law; Justice; Property and Philosophy of Liberty.




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