De la Torre lectures seminar on Marxism

Ph.D. Armando de la Torre, standing, while teaching the Seminar on Marxism, at the UFM

Armando de la Torre, director of the Social Sciences Superior School at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, teaches the Seminar on Marxism, organized by the Henry Hazlitt Center of this house of studies.

The seminar includes readings such as The Communist Manifiesto, by Marx and Engels; as well as La Pensée de Marx, by Ives Calvez, and  Dialectic Materialism, by Gustav Wetter.  It is celebrated from August 31st to September 7th, every Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Doctor Armando de la Torre studied three years at the School of Journalism, simultaneously with his law studies at Universidad de La Habana. 

He entered the Compañía de Jesús, and studied Classic Languages, Philosophy and Theology proper of that institution. Besides, he continued his studies for two more years at the Münich University, in Germany, for a Philosophy Ph.D. He left the order, returned to the United States of America and taught at Princeton, New Yersey and Hampton, Virginia. 

In the late 1976 doctor de la Torre arrived to Guatemala and was Director of Scientific Research at Universidad Rafael Landívar.  That year he took over the direction of the Social Sciences Superior School at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.  This house of studies granted him, on 2002, an honoris causa doctorate in Philosophy. 

In recent years, de la Torre has specialized in the economic study of the law and in Public Choice analysis. He is author of the book Mil años, cien obras and numerous articles and essays.  He is a colulmnist in the newspaper Siglo Veintiuno and, at the UFM, in 2004, he received the
 for his excellence as a teacher.

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