De León Barbero lectured a conference at USAC

Julio César De León Barbero during his dissertation on freedom and A Doll’s House

In the frame of the nontopic course, given by the Philosophy Department of the Humanities Faculty at the San Carlos de Guatemala University, Doctor Julio César De León Barbero, head professor of Social Philosophy at the Francisco Marroquín University, gave a conference titled Considerations on individual liberty in A Doll´s House, taking advantage that this is Henrik Ibsens death centenary.

The same one was held on March 29th 2006 at the Salón José Mata Gaviria from that university.

De León made emphasis on Ibsen’s resignation to nationalism drove him to reflect, in the last stage of his life, on the importance of individual liberty.  In this context a character like Nora (the main character) finds herself taking a crucial decision:  to leave the roles of mother and wife in order to find herself and find answers to questions of great importance like who am I? What am I doing here? And, What has been of my life so far?

The judgments of Nora’s decision can be inspired by Manuel Kant’s ideas that moral is an end by itself or from the perspective of John Stuart Mill for whom moral is just a way, said De León.

The lecturer also said that currently, as individuals, we still suffer from the same limitations with the grievant of being supedited to opinions held valid by majorities and turned into exigencies by public power.  Democracy, like that, has become a series of restrictions to individual freedom in name of everyones tyranny. 




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