Milton Estuardo Argueta, during the forum Perspectivas, at the URL

Ph.D. Milton Estuardo Argueta, dean of the School of Law at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, participated in the forum Perspectivas titled Sombras sobre la transparencia.

It was celebrated last July 3rd of 2007 at Universidad Rafael Landívar with the participation of José Briz, from Universidad Mariano Gálvez; Mayra Palencia, from Cámara de Comercio de Guatemala and Carlos Orantes, from URL. The moderator was Alejandro Urízar.

Argueta exposed the legal and juridical aspects that influence the lack of transparency and referred to the role of norms, discretion and monopolistic powers.

Perspectivas is organized by the universities Francisco Marroquín, Mariano Gálvez, Rafael Landívar and San Carlos de Guatemala, jointly with the newspaper Prensa Libre.  It is part of a series of forums that, throughout the year analyze Guatemala´s current topics.