Deaver’s book edited by the UFM’s Presidency

The book explores Reagan’s impact

Why I am a Reagan Conservative?  Is the title of the book that, edited and signed by Michael K. Deaver, is for sale at the Presidency of the Francisco Marroquín University.

Deaver received an honoris causa  doctorate degree by the UFM; and is author of A Different Drummer: My Thirty Years with Ronald Reagan.  He was Commisioner in Chief of the White House.  In A Different Drummer  he pictures President Reagan as an avid reader who was up to date with different matters, and who firmly believed that his work was to establish the priorities of his administration and to take big decisions.  He is also author of Nancy: A Portrait of My Years with Nancy Reagan.

There are some autographed copies of the book at the UFM.  The book has essays by Robert Bartley, Bob Dole, Robert Novak, Michael Barone, Bill First, Rick Santorum, Michael Medverd, J.C. Wats Jr., Orrin Hathc, P.J. ORourke, Grover Norquist, Ken Mehlman and Check Hager, among others.

In Why I am a Reagan Conservative? The most powerful minds in politics and communication media are reunited to show the reasons behind their believes, offer personal stories about their political and government experiences, and to explain the impact that Ronald Reagan had on the Republican Party and among them, says the books cover.





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