Dentistry students studied bacterial infections

Partial view of the dentistry students during the presentation at the UFM

The bacteria Campylobacter jejuniproduces acute intestinal infections that, in many cases, affect the yield of students and, if they get complications, it can derive into affections of the nervous system seen in the Gillan Barré Syndrome. For those reasons, 27 students of second and third year of the School of Dentistry, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, made a study on that subject under the direction of Leticia Almengor Hecht.

The GBS is an auto-immune affection of the peripheral nervous system that produces acute flaccid paralysis.

The students studied the case of twenty-eight children from kindergarten and seven adults who visited a milk factory where they tried ice creams and non pasteurized milk. Between three and six days later, nine children and three adults developed gastroenteritis. The children (healthy and ill) had consumed only food from the school. None else in the school got sick. Feces cultures showed a common bacteria in nine of the ill children that was absent in nine of the healthy children. This bacterium is a gram-negative cane that does not ferment nor oxidizes glucose: Campylobacter jejuni.

In the study the students responded to several questions:Identify the etiological agent of this case of food poisoning:
Infection by C. jejuni.Was the infection due to food, or poisoning?
It was infection by non pasteurized milk. How was the food contaminated, and what element was contaminated?
The milk was contaminated since it did not went through the pasteurization process, therefore there was an environment that favored the growth of C. jejuni.What should be made to prevent this type of cases?
There should be a sanitary control in the food making, have good hygiene if you are going to have contact with food, that industrial foods pass through a decontamination process, in this case milk pasteurization. 5. Explain how did you got to these conclusions?
After a complete analysis of the characteristics that the bacteria presents, it was possible to conclude that it is the most likely infection due to the symptoms that resemble an acute gastroenteritis due to food poisoning.

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