Dominik Saran at the UFM

Dominik Saran at the Mapa en Relieve of Guatemala City

Dominik Saran, student of a Masters Degree at the Warsaw School of Economics and an associated investigator at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (

CEI), visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín last July 1st of 2007.

At the CEI, his work consisted of investigating data on certain subjects and writing opinion articles. His specialty area was the regulation of high technology and telecommunication industries, in the United States of America.  

Its titled article
Markets, no Mandates, for Net, was published in The Washington Times.

Saran also participated in a special program of public policies and economy at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C.

After visiting the UFM, Saran traveled through Guatemala and Central America.





Epidendrum ciliare adornan el campus


Consecuencias no intencionadas del estatismo, en Xela


Nieve en el campus de Madrid