Economics, ethics and property by Hoppe, at the UFM

The book’s cover

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property is the name of the book by Hans-Herman Hoppe that is available at the Social Economic Studies Center (CEES) bookstore.

In this book Hoppe explores themes like employment, interest, money, banks, interchange cycles, taxes, public goods, war and imperialism, among others; but the theoretical axis that unifies all those themes is consistently applied in it, as is ignored by the prevailing economic currents: the absolute inviolability of private property as a human right and as the base for continuous economic growth.

The right to private property is an absolute and valid ethical principle, arguments Hoppe.  It is truly found in the base of social order itself.

Hans-Herman Hoppe is professor of Economics at the Nevada University, Las Vegas; and is senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.  He visited the Francisco Marroquín University in 2006.

The hard cover edition costs Q370, it is the second edition published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute.


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