Education Viceminister from South Korea, at the UFM

The delegation from South Korea with UFM’s Administrative Vice-president, Ottavio Benfatto (fifth from left to right) and UFM’s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. (seventh from L. to R.).  It was lead by the Viceminister of Education, Lee Jong-seo, (sixth in the usual order).

Accompanied by a delegation of civil employees and specialists in education and technology, the vice-minister of Education of South Korea, Lee Jeong-seo, visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín last Tuesday January 16th of 2007.

The visitors met with UFM’s President, Giancarlo Ibargüen S., with whom they interchanged information on technology and the universities in South Korea, and on this house of studies.  The president talked about the mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín that is to teach and diffuse the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons; as well as its commitment with academic excellence that, at the UFM is defined as the quality of ideas, principles and performance of those who, like professors or students, are habitually located over the simple material and routine fulfillment of their duty, constituting before all a living example of coherent life.

After meeting with the UFM’s President, the visitors visited the Popol Vuh Museum, Museo Ixchel, Ludwig von Mises Library and the New Media Digital Resources Center.

Later, the delegation had lunch with the President and members of the University: Grete Pasch, director of the Ludwig von Mises Library; Santiago Fernandez, secretary of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations; Luis Figueroa, director of Public Relations; and Rodrigo Arias, from Glifos Media, the company that developed the software for New Media Digital Resources Center and the Ludwig von Mises Library.

The visitors were: Lee Jong-seo, vice-minister of Education of South Korea; Park Seung, Gyoo, consul; Choi Weon Shik, director of the agency of Korean cooperation; Park Joo-.ho, director of ICT; Lee Hyun-ok, director of Policy of Information and Technology, Shin Piss in charge of Administration of Education and Susana Lee, translator.

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