EPRI professors interviewed for The Economist

Pedro Trujillo, EPRI’s director; joined by Santiago Fernández and professor Francisco Beltranena, while speaking with Konstantin Kakaes, from  The Economist

As part of the crew reporting Guatemala’s elections, Konstantin Kakaes, head journalist of  The Economist for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, interviewed professors Pedro Trujillo and Glenn David Cox, from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

The subjects were the tendencies viewed through the country’s electoral history, the deficiencies of the representative model, the patrimonial interest of Congress composition defined during the first electoral run, the debilitated role of the Executive as a result of the Constitution of 1985, the violence in today’s electoral cycle in contrast with political violence of other eras, the image of Otto Pérez, Alvaro Colom and Rigoberta Menchú before the electorate, and electoral projections, among others.

They also spoke about the repeated presence of Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza, the origins of Partido Patriota, the role of Gran Alianza Nacional, the refreshment of Eduardo Suger and the role of the Nobel prize.


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