EPRI students at the Excellence Center

EPRI students during the activity.

Students of Social Philosophy, from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, participated in a Socratic practice organized by that director of the Excellence Center of the University.

Carla de Hess, director of the Excellence Center lead the dynamics and explored, with the students, the implications they had.

«The objective, reached by the students, was to understand how spontaneous order works, how it is that when pursuing your own goals you reach common goals and how it is that dispersed knowledge enriches more our society than concentrated knowledge», explained the professor, Luis Figueroa.

The course of Social Philosophy is imparted by the Henry Hazlitt Center whose mission is the planning, execution and control of all the courses related to philosophy and economic process that are given in and outside the University. Throughout the year it organizes a series of dialogues and conferences, lectured by national and foreign professionals, who have excelled by their ideas and profits, and share with us the restlessness to form people with solid ethical principles, eager to conquer excellence in all manifestations of their life.

The Excellence Center is an educative project directed to the UFM students and external persons to contribute to their integral education developing them team work and leadership abilities.

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