EPRI students, at the Excellence Center

View of some activities done at the mountain

Students from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, from the Francisco Marroquín University, are participating in a Leadership Seminar given by the Excellence Center of this house of studies.

The same one designed for «Summer», started last June 13th and will end on July 11th.  «In the Seminar they will have different ropes activities so that the students will have the needed experiences for the activity.  The first day we gathered at the Kaffee Künstler and we went up the mountain where we did several activities», said Carla de Hess, director of the Center.

These activities were Woosh, to learn about paradigms; Wyld Woozie, where they faced challenges and discussed the importance of trust and having goals; and Nitro, where the students successfully fought to overcome obstacles.

The Excellence Center is an educative project directed to UFM students and external persons ton contribute to their integral education and develop teamwork and leadership abilities.

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