Escribá and Cardona will travel to FEE

Roberto Rios, of the CEES, during the delivery of the prize to Ana Sofía Escribá and Saira Cardona.

Ana Sofía Escribá and Saira Cardona, champions of Economic Process Conquest that the Center Henry Hazlitt of the University Francisco Marroquín and the Training Center Economico-Sociales organize, will travel to the  Foundation for Economic Education, in New York.

Escribá, student of the Faculty of Laws, is winning of the 2003 contest; whereas Cardona, of the Department of Psychology, is winning of the 2004 contest.

The Training Center Economico-Sociales
(CEES) awarded to the two students, Monday 1 of August of 2005.

This contest is made with the students of the courses of Economic Process, Philosophy of Hayek and Filosophy of Mises – basic courses of economy and humanities for the students of the University Francisco Marroquín. The same one takes place in coordination with  the
Center Henry Hazlitt of the University of monthly form, being based on the pamphlet Present time Topics to the month and the subject that is being distributed in the course. The winner of each monthly round receives a prize and the student who gains more rounds at the end of the year gains the

The First Place receives its corresponding prize by round that consists of a subscription by 1 year to the magazine Ideas on Liberty and of the Present time Topics pamphlet; and in addition, a trip to New York, to the Foundation for Economic Education, that includes passage, estadia and quota of participation in a FEE seminary

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