Excellence and customer service, at the UFM

Roberto Cervantes during his lecture at the UFM.

«At Universidad Francisco Marroquín we like to make the things right, but we can make them better», was one of the conclusions of the course on customer service where UFM directives, administrative personnel and academic directors participated last January 4th 2007.

The course was lectured by Roberto Cervantes, lawyer and notary, who has dictated seminaries of Dale Carnegie, has been a professor at the UFM and other universities, and advises in labor, legal strategies and human resources.  He also graduated in Quality Service and Leadership, the Disney way. 

When welcoming the attendees, UFM President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., talked about the commitment that the University has with
excellence; and mentioned the importance of good client service in that context.

On the other hand, Cervantes made reference to the importance of seeing the student as a client, in the sense that it is someone who needs to be served and taken care of in his academic formation. 

The lecturer said that the search of a more propitious environment for growth, development and excellence is based on 4 pillars: the culture of the excellence, the culture of the fulfillment, the culture of solidarity and the culture of the recognition.

During the Course, Ibárgüen presented the members of the UFM committee of customer service, integrated by: Julio Arenas, Dulce Franco, Ana Gisela Castillo, Luz María Barrientos, Ottavio Benfatto, Roberto Cervantes, Jose Luis Chalí, Rossana de Grazioso, Marío Menéndez, Lorena Monzón, Pedro Trujillo, Pablo Galindo, Eva Meléndez, Mayra Ramírez y Rebeca Zúñiga.

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