Finding Forrester in cine forum

The movie was directed by Gus Van Sant

The movie Finding Forrester, was displayed at a cine forum by the David Hume Ethics Center of the Francisco Marroquín University, last June 15th 2006.  It was conducted by Roberto Blum, director of the Center.

«The movie goes around the relationship of an old and a young man, mentor and pupil, that face their realities and that, in the process, the find themselves.  In an ordinary place, someone found a person that would make his life extraordinary», says in the film’s publicity.

Sean Connery and Rob Brown play the main characters of the movie, directed by Gus Van Sant in 2000.

The David Hume Ethics Center is conceived as a Socratic forum on human experience and is dedicated to the study of evolutionary ethics.  The same one was presented on January 2006 with a forum on David Hume, his work and relevance on the 21st Century.

The Center looks forward to be an open and permanent space to reflect and discuss human experience, ethical values in a society of free and responsible persons; to diffuse the ethical principles of a society of free and responsible persons; to explore, discuss and consolidate the relationships between ethics, economics and social cooperation; to constitute a permanent forum on ethics related themes; to be a source of electronic documentation, in Spanish, on ethics, economics and social cooperation.

It works thanks to the sponsorship of Ray Dawson, ex professor at the Columbia University and friend of the Francisco Marroquín University.

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