Gabriel Calzada, at the UFM

Gabriel Calzada at the von Mises Library, next to the portrait of José Cecilio del Valle

Gabriel Calzada, president of Instituto Juan De Mariana, is at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Doctor Calzada visits this house of studies to participate in a colloquy of the series Explorations on Liberty organized by Liberty Fund and the UFM. During his visit he participated in a dialogue with professors, titled From Salamanca to Vienna: a trip from the prehistory of the Austrian Economy.

The objective of 
Instituto Juan De Mariana is to become a reference center in the debate of ideas and public policies from the point of view of a free society. In order to attain they study and to spread the nature of markets.

Gabriel Calzada is doctor in Economy, associated professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, president of Instituto Juan de Mariana and senior fellow at the Centre for the New Europe.

At the UFM Calzada visited the Academic Building and its Socratic Wing, the School of Businesses, the New Media Digital Resources Center and the Ludwig von Mises Library and it’s rare collections room.

Calzada assited to the weekly session of the Centro de Estudios Economico Sociales; with professors Armando de la Torre, Hugo Maúl and Carroll de Rodríguez he participated in the forum Growth, Natural Resources and Population, organized by the School of Economic Sciences; and at the colloquy No matter who wins, politicians never loose, organized by the Henry Hazlitt Center. 

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