George Stuart received the Orden del Pop

George Stuart, left, while receiveng the diploma from Estuardo Mata, president of Museo Popol Vuh

Doctor George Stuart, famous archaeologist, ex-president of the Research and Exploration Committee, of the National Geographic Society; and ex-publisher assistant of the National Geographic magazine, received the Orden del Pop granted by Museo Popol Vuh of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

«The trajectory of George Stuart is characterized by a great generosity to impel the work of other investigators, and a constant effort to transmit the emotion and the newness of New World archaeology to the general public», explained doctor Oswaldo Chinchilla, curator of Museo Popol Vuh.

«Stuart worked in the National Geographic Society between 1960 and 1998. Thence he supervised the financing of investigations around the world and supported considerable archaeological investigations in all of Mesoamerica», Chinchilla added. 

«On 1984 he founded the Center for Maya Research that, since then, has published the series Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing. Many of the works published in this series have contributed significantly to great advances in the deciphering of Mayan writing during the last decades. In 2006 he established, in collaboration with his wife, Melinda Stuart, the Boundary End Archaeology Research Center (BEARC), in Barnardsville, North Carolina», the curator informed.

In 1998, Museo Popol Vuh created the Orden del Pop, a distinction destined to honor the merits of people who have contributed to the conservation, investigation, or diffusion of Guatemala’s cultural patrimony. This symbolic distinction was conceived with the idea to recognize and promote the efforts of individuals who dedicate their time and energy to this intention, being professionals or fans. The distinction consists of a diploma and a Pop symbol, emblem of Museo Popol Vuh. It is conferred annually at the Symposium of Archaeological Investigations in Guatemala.

In the same ceremony the Huun Award to the Archaeological Press was granted to Gemma Gil, reporter; Carlos Sebastián, photographer; and Angel García, illustrator, for their article titled La reina guerrera, published in Revista D, by Prensa Libre, last May 27th of 2007.   

The Huun Prize to the Archaeological Press is given, since 2003, to the journalist and photographer, or illustrator, authors of the best written news article on a subject related to the conservation, investigation and dissemination of Guatemala’s archaeology.

During the act, Ranferí Aguilar, Carlos Chaclán and his musical group, made a presentation with instruments of Mayan origin, and elemntal sounds made with the human body.

The handing of the order and the award were carried out in a ceremony where UFM’s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., the Muesum’s board of directors and other winners of the Order participated.  The ceremony took place last July 24th of 2007, at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

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