Gotetze and Bruneau visited the UFM

Thomas Bruneau, Richard Goetze, Pedro Trujillo and David Martínez-Amador, en UFM’s Business School

Richard B. Goetze and Thomas C. Bruneau, from the Civil-Military Relations Center, Monterrey, California, visited the Francisco Marroquín University last Tuesday March 28th, 2006.
General Goetze is a Distinguished Senior Fellow, at the CCMR, and Bruneau is  Program Manager for Latin America Academic Liaisonfrom the same Center.

The reason of their approach responds to the academic need of projecting the agenda to security, defense, strategic and prospective analysis topics in the scholar environment; above all, the theoretical formation of the Political Science student.  We are looking forward, in the long run, to develop a cooperation scheme that allows the UFM context to offer this kind of dynamics served by the Navy School of Monterrey California, explained David Martínez-Amador, from the EPRI´s Ibn Khaldun Center.

Both are government advisors in strategy and regional security Martínez-Amador added.

During their visit, they toured through the UFM main Campus accompanied by Frank Ferraro, they had a meeting with UFM´s President Giancarlo Ibargüen S. and with EPRI´s Director Pedro Trujillo and EPRI´s professor Francisco Beltranena.

At the end of the day the visitors gave a lecture to EPRI´s students on USA´s defense politics in the national strategy frame.

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