Graduation Act at the UFM

Partial view of the graduates 

At the graduation act of Universidad Francisco Marroquín 280 graduates received their respective titles.  45 of them received academic distinctions of Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude.  The act was celebrated last November 11th 2006 at the central garden.

During the act, José María Aznar, ex president of the Spanish Government, received an honoris causa doctoral degree in Political Sciences, granted by the UFM’s Board of Directors.  It was handed by Francisco Pérez de Antón, also an honorific doctorate of this house of studies.

After his investiture Aznar said «I am convinced that the triumph of freedom and the civilization depends on the victory of the battle of ideas.  That is the task in which I insist now a day.  And, in this job, sometimes hard and ungrateful, it is important not to feel alone and to know that you have friends and allies all over the world that share this task.  That is why I feel so honored and grateful to receive this distinction from an institution that is so prestigious as Universidad Francisco Marroquín that also works in order that freedom and reason triumph.»  You can see the entire speech,

The academic procession, lead by the President Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., made its entrance at the compass of the Va pensiero.  After the graduates, the Board of Directors, Deans and Directors occupied their places Guatemala’s National anthem was heard. The master of ceremonies was Amable Sánchez.

The Deans and Directors of the Schools and Departments handed the following academic degrees:   Magister artium, Magister scientiae, master degrees, architects, surgeon dentists, engineers and licentiates in different specialties, doctors and surgeons, Baccalaureus artium and Baccaleureus scientiae.

In order to make the guests more comfortable there was also an indoor room with a big screen where the act was transmitted simultaneously.

The UFM’s mission is to teach and diffuse the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.

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