View of the Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium, where the graduation act was celebrated.

Patricia Ann Barillas de González, received the Medal Josefina Alonzo de Rodriguez, during the graduation act of the Art History professorate of the Department of Education from Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Thelma Muratori de Wyld, Elizabeth Rodas de Wagner, Olga Lucia Pellecer Menegazzo and Beatriz Aycinena de Ortega, received their corresponding degrees during the same act that was celebrated in this house of studies last February 3rd of 2007.

The act was attended by Warren Orbaugh, architect; Siang de Seidner, Director of the Department; Ottavio Benfatto, administrative Vicepresident of the UFM, and Haroldo Stems, historian.  Karla Lossi Garzazo was the host.

The mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín is to teach and diffusion the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.