Guillermo Pineda published an article

Guillermo Pineda at the Ludwig von Mises Library.

Parishes Fail to Market the Catholic Faith to Hispanics, is the title of the article that Guillermo Pineda, student of International Relations at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, published in the National Catholic Reporter.

January 19th 2007 this magazine, with subscribers all over the world, published Pineda’s commentary in their section of Ministries.

«The article mainly focuses in a reflection made to the Catholic Churches in the United States to use marketing techniques in the line of market based management since the numbers in 2005 said that 600,000 Hispanics in the USA changed their catholic affiliation to other protestant affiliations for the reasons that I expose, such as empowerment and leadership granted to the followers in protestant churches, moral and economic support that these churches offer to born-again Hispanics who really are nothing more than just arrived Hispanics and, finally the creation of a great new family within the protestant churches», Pineda explained.

Guillermo Pineda is a bibliographer at the Ludwig von Mises Library and writes the blog titled
Homo Homini Lupus.





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