Guillermo Pineda to HACER

Guillermo Pineda and Amy Scheck, from Alaska, at La Antigua Guatemala

Guillermo Pineda, student from the Institute of Political Studies and Internacional Relations and member of the Referente Librarians of the Ludwig von Mises Library at the Francisco Marroquín University, will participate in an internship at the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research, as part of the Kock Fellowship where he was invited by the Institute for Human Studies.

HACER is an organization whose main goal is the promotion of studies on topis linked to Latinamerican countires and the hispanic community in the USA; from a perspective based on respect to personal and economic freedom, limited government and individual responsibility.

«My internship at HACER will be based on writing articles on public politics and to support the fund raising program for the events organization.  I will also be in charge of the website and will establish contacts with other Latin American organizations similar to the Center», Pineda explained.

Guillermo Pineda was selected among a group of 900 applicants.  As a
Koch Fellow, he will also participate in a seminar, a series of conferences, workshops and investigation projects. «His acceptance to the program tells a lot of his abilities, his achievements and his commitment with liberty.  I am sure that, as part of the 2006 class, he will help to keep the excellence tradition and the entrepreneurial sprit of the program», said Justine Lam, director or the Center, when notifying Pineda his acceptance.




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