Hands on clay, to know the Mayans

Kids share and learn with their hands about the Mayans


Hands on clay is the name of the course that imparted the Popol Vuh Museum, of the University Francisco Marroquín, to children of between 5 and 12 years last Monday 5 of December of 2005.

In the course the participants not only learned about the Mayan techniques for the clay work, but they extended their knowledge about that mesoamerican culture.

«I did many stuff.  I made a spoon, two vases and one turtle.  I had a great time, I liked it here'», Ines told María Rodriguez.

On the other hand, Alejandro Masdeu said «It was fun, what I liked the most was making clay and what they told us about how the Mayans used it. They taught us the forms and figures that Mayans made.  I would like to make other things that are related to the Mayans, or the colonial period».

From another perspective, Verónica de Rivera, mother of one of the participant kids, observed that «the mud workshop for children is an enriching experience for them because it allows them to free their creativity and, at the same time, to improve its fine motricity.  Also, its good that they share with other children and they learn to develop in unfamiliar environments.  For me, is pretty that they can have activities for children at the Popol-Vuh Museum».

The Popol Vuh Museum, at the UFM, offers workshops and visits specially designed for children and young people. They participate actively, stimulating their interest in Guatemala’s history and archaeology. In the guided tours through the museum, they are taught the most relevant aspects of different periods from Guatemala’s history and acquire knowledge by means of the objects in exhibition. The students can make workshops and hands-on activities, where they can experience the elaboration, investigation and the restoration of archaeological and historical materials.

In the ceramics workshops, the children elaborate figures, vases and stamps that they can take home.

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