Holophone microphone at the UFM

The Holophone microphone during a Socratic Dialogue at the UFM

The New Media Digital Resource Center, who has the best cutting edge education technology for students and professors at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, has recently acquired a Holophone microphone to record surround sound.

«With the purpose of improving the surround sound in our productions, New Media has a new microphone with cutting edge technology from Canada: a Holophone H3-D, winner of the TV Technologies STAR Award granted at the NAB SHOW 2006, the wolds most important radio and television convention celebrated annualy at Las Vegas», informed Jorge Samayoa, production coordinator.

«The Holophone is a surround microphone with caracteristics that imitate the way humans listen. It recreates and captures sound in a three dimensional way. 

It is formed by five microphones all around its structure, an oval head that simulates a human head and 6 audio inputs with canon XLR microphones independently connected, therfore, it has the capacity to record Surround Sound 5.1, without complicating the postproduction process. 

Its creator is Michael Godfrey, musician and audio designer at Rising Sun Productions Ltd., in Toronto. The idea came to him while he was listening to a Pink Floyd record, with his headphones, recorded with
binaural technology. Since then he began his research and experiments to create a microphone able to record sound like human beings do. 

For Godfrey, the sound from the Holophone is the closest experience to natural sounds processed by a system different from the human ear», Samayoa explained.

«We had the opportunity to use the Holophone in several occasions and the results have been excellent. Its performance is extraordinary, we have significantly improved the recording of suround sound from the audience while they ask questions without using a microphone.

In outdoor locations it is simply impressive how it records nature sounds in the UFM campus and 
Arboretum«, he concluded.

Examples of events where we have used the Holophone Microphone are:

Diálogo Socrático with Gabriel Calzada about Salamanca and Austrian Schools.

Presentación de ProReforma by Manuel F. Ayau, UFM’s president emeritus.

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