Hugo Maúl, at Mali

Hugo Maúl directs the department of Economics at the FCE

In order to lecture on development, democracy and its threats, Professor Hugo Maúl of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, traveled to Bamako, Mali, between March 29 and 31st of 2007.

«My lecture made emphasis on the risks of neo-populism in Latin America and the problems by the lack of control to the exercise of power in democracies like ours», Maúl explained.

In the conference, organized by the Community of Democracies, were representatives from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.  Professor Maúl participated invited by the Open Society Institute.  The meeting was attended by Paula Dobriansky, sub-secretary of State for the United States of America; and Frannie Léautier, vice-president of the World Bank Institute, among others.

Doctor Maúl is director of the Department of Economy of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Universidad Francisco Marroquín and was president of Centro de Investigaciones Económicas Nacionales.





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