IK Center in Political Marketing Seminar

David Amador during the Seminar on Political Marketing

With the participation of members from the Public and Academic Sectors, professors David Amador, director of the

Ibn Khaldun Center and Roberto Blum, from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, lectured the Seminar Principles of Political Marketing and Strategies for Liberal Marketing, last May 4 and 5th of 2007.

During the Seminar the fundamental principles of the political trade and electoral trade were approached. In addition, the existing deficiencies for establishing a market capable of selling the structural reforms needed to generate economic growth were analyzed.  From the perspective of the authors, as well as the schemes of public expenses and centralization that have used a simple and efficient political marketing, it is necessary to construct a structure that manages the scheme of popular Capitalism, near the heart of the voter.  Otherwise, the instructors exposed, free market ideas will continue being exclusive to the illustrated elites, explained Amador.

The seminary was distributed jointly with the company
Consultores en Imágen and was celebrated last May 4 and 5th of 2007.




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