IK Center presented the Central American Electoral Atlas

Williebald Sonnleitner at teh UFM’s Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium, during the presentation of the Central American Electoral Atlas

At the Ibn Khaldun International Research Center of Universidad Francisco Marroquín the first Central American Electoral Atlas was presented, it was elaborated by the Centro de Estudios México-Centroamerica, and presented by Dr. Williebald Sonnleitner, who is also a visiting professor at the Course on Electoral Observation given by the IK Center.

Students from Economic History and Political History, imparted by David Martínez-Amador at the UFM’s Economic Sciences School, attended the presentation celebrated last March 27th 2007.  Also researchers from Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, representatives from Tribunal Supremo Electoral and other institutions attended the conference.  The comments on the book were made by Pedro Trujillo, director of the UFM’s Institute of Political Studies and International Relations.

The importance of the Atlas is meaningful, since it is the first document in the region that measures the electoral tendencies in the isthmus.  Besides, it shows the existing correlation between economic growth, political stability and electoral preferences of every country in particular.  During higher levels of economic stability the electoral preferences are inclined for two parties and the succession of power to the same party; meanwhile the switching of parties and the populist rhetoric corresponds, in most of the cases, to levels of in tranquility and low economic growth.  During the summer cycle, the material of this Electoral Atlas will be offered as an optional course to EPRI students and students from any other university, informed Martínez-Amador, director of the IK Center.





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